General details

The event is organised under the following rules and guidelines:

»  CMAS Procedures And Obligations For The Organisation Of CMAS Championships World –Zone – Continental Version 2019

»  CMAS Anti-doping Rules Version 08/2004

»  CMAS Rules Of Discipline Version 2010

»  CMAS International Rules for Underwater Hockey V11.

Championship Puck

The Great British ‘Sims’ Puck is the selected puck for the championship

Player Selection and Replacement

Teams are limited to 12 players and must be selected before the submission of the team list and player profiles on the 30th June 2019. Players may be replaced between the 30 June and tournament registration on medical grounds only. This provision is to limit the increased work load on volunteer organisers that swapping players causes.

Playing Cap and Swimsuit approvals

These requests must be submitted to the Event Director by email before 31th April 2019, to:

Please use Cap and Swimsuit Approval Request in your email request subject line.

As per Clause 11.2.1 All players of a team must wear identical bathing attire (suit and/or rash vest and/or shirt), which may have an imprint of their flag or country. Each team must have two sets of identical bathing attire, one light in colour (when the team is using white sticks) and one dark in colour (when the team is using black sticks), and both sets need Tournament Director approval prior to arrival at the competition.

Light Colours: White, Yellow, Light Blue, Light Grey, Orange.

Dark Colours: Black, Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Grey, Brown, Green, Red

Cap Numbers: To assist referees, cap numbers are limited to numbers between 1 and 15.

Additional Training Space

Teams that wish to arrive earlier than the allocated orientation and training days are welcome to do so from the 27th July 2019. Charges to be paid by the teams are:

»  Court price is Euro 50/hour per court on  27th from 9 am to 10 pm. (THE COURTS MUST BE SET IN THE FIRST HOURS)

Registration and Meetings

Registration, documents check and delivery of accreditation will be undertaken at the swimming pool for all teams. The various meeting venues are to be confirmed.

Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony will be held on the 28th of juy at 19.00. The location will be announced soon.

Awards and Closing Ceremony

Awards and closing ceremony of the World Championship will be held on the 3rd of August at 18:00 pm. at the Pool at the conclusion of the finals.

Post Event Celebration

The post event party will commence at 9 PM on Saturday 3rd of August. Price per person 40 Euro. It´s the same price for party tickets than for extra party tickets.

Anti doping

Anti doping forms will be handed at the venue.